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3 Reasons every organization should have a Retirement Plan

  1. Increased Productivity*
    When plan members spend less company time attending to their personal financial matters, plan sponsors can expect less absenteeism.
    *Source: Pensions and Benefits Monitor – April 1999
  2. Reduced Turnover*
    56% of individuals surveyed said they would be reluctant to leave their employer because of their plan and other benefits
    *Source: The Benefits Canada survey on Capital Accumulation Plan Members Nov. 2006
  3. Incentive to attract and retain employees *
    A group plan can help employer retain existing employees and attract new qualified candidates because it differentiates them from the competition.
    *Source: Advisor’s Edge, April 2004

Whether you have an established retirement plan, or are replacing a current plan that no longer suits your needs, we offer independent advice and execution to improve the results for you and your employees .   Our proven process and disciplined approach minimizes fiduciary risk to meet your business goals.

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